As you can undoubtedly expect, we are avid fans of the Toronto Blue Jays and will continue to be  so. We follow their games and watch them on satellite broadcasts. 
Presenting the CAUNANs. We migrated from the Philippines to Canada in 1975. We originally settled  and lived in the beautiful city of Toronto until we relocated to Brampton, a city 30 miles west of  Toronto in 1980. We then moved to East Windsor, NJ in July 1988 from Brampton, Ontario, Canada.
Our adorable and lovely granddaughter is Katrina Cianna [Kaci]. Kareena [Kae] is our daughter  and her husband is Angel. Our latest addition is Alijah Christian [Jahjah], born February 26, 2007.
I am Conrado [Rading (rah ding)]
here's my better-half for 41 years, Christine [Tina].